ITEM ! Hello boys and girls ! There is a new Fokker in blogger-town. That's right. The Muller-Fokker Pulpbot Effect is spawning a nasty baby of glorious sleaze.
I've been thinking about it for quite a while and I'm finally doing it, I'm launching THE PORNOFOKKER (taa-daaa !), an image-only blog dedicated to, you guessed it, pornographic stuff. Something in the line of what Scandy Tangerine Man, Undead Film Critic and Blonde Zombie are (or were) doing with class and brio.
So, prepare yourselves. THE PORNOFOKKER will dive into the sex industry with scans from mainstream (and sometimes underground) men's magazines. For this particular mission, I will be assisted by Anne and her collection of dirty magazines.
Here is what you can expect for the coming months : naked women, hairy chicks, californian blondes, fat freaks, nazi girls, Paul Raymond, silicium-enhanced milfs, bdsm, crazy japaneses, jiz biz mega-stars, Dan DeCarlo and anonymous cuties from the sixties to 2009 and onward. It will be a little bit explicit. Sometimes atrocious. And (I hope so) always funny. Everything I can't post on the original Fokker will be featured into THE PORNOFOKKER. There is only one thing you wont find there. Suicide Girls. I hate Suicide Girls. They are to porn what Quentin Tarantino is to b-movie. Well, at least, that's my humble opinion. You're free to think otherwise. I know Scandy proudly think otherwise- and the guy is a real, one of a kind gentleman !

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy THE PORNOFOKKER - because, FYI, I'm doing this sleazy HTML sexodrome for you, yes, YOU, you sick, twisted pervert !

(Meanwhile, rest assured, The Muller-Fokker Pulpbot Effect will continue to shares pictures from my collection of comics, fumetti and photo-novels, along with reviews in french-only of action-books and b-movies.)

ITEM ! Salut les gars ! Bon, je pense que vous avez compris, non ?

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Ah, YES! We all need a little more to FOKK' with in our lives... Looking forward to it, friends. As with this blog, I'm sure the level of variety you'll have to offer will be excellent.

ROBO32.EXE a dit…

Thanks, my friend. I hope you will dig this new fokker. you were an inspiration for this one.

Anonyme a dit…

all hail!

Keith a dit…

I think it's awesome. I love the new blog. Very cool. Great job you're doing so far.

pornofokker a dit…

thank you, Keith. your kind words are greatly appreciated :)